Northern Built 7 on 7 Touch Football Tournament

June 16th 2019, 9 am - 3 pm, James Jerome Turf

Price Varies Based on Division, 7-13 Players Per Team


Basic Rules

6 Offensive players on at a time, 7 Defensive players on at a time

Game time is two 12 minute quarters, run time until the last 2 minutes which are stop time

Varsity and JV Games will be played full field width, from the 40 yard line and in

Open and Peewee divisions will play from the 40 and in, half field width

The Winning Team from EACH division will receive a Northern Built Long T Shirt

Varsity and JV Winning Teams will receive a FREE Highlight tape EACH

Open and Peewee Winning Teams will receive a $25 Source for Sports Sudbury Gift Card EACH