Ben Harris

Head of Scouting

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Ben began his football career late, and has been involved with football ever since. Ben then joined the Sudbury Gladiators where he received some great coaching from former U of T defensive linemen Owen Lanalampy, allowing him to build on his skills and well as his football I.Q. Returning to high school for an extra year Ben made good use of his coaching and managed to play at every position on the defense from three-tech to free safety learning the entire playbook and even adding a couple plays himself. Finally in his last year with the Gladiators, Ben made the move to cornerback thanks to all of his time playing in the secondary in high school. Ben’s experience on the football field was short but provided him with a very diverse understanding of the defense as well as the various techniques and niches of different defensive positions. Ben has managed to stay involved with the sport initially as a coach for his old high school team the Lockerby Vikings, where he provided positional training for both the front seven and secondary players.


More recently, Ben has worked with The Podyum as a writer speculating and analyzing on CIS football and a scout for player personnel, evaluating aspiring players for European Football leagues. With Podyum, Ben also had the opportunity to attend the 2018 CIS East-West all-star game in Quebec City providing media coverage for the event, and the 2018 Miami Combine as an event organizer.

Ben’s experience as a player, coach, and scout provides him with the tools necessary for developing young talent into the type of player’s they need to be to further their football careers as he knows both what to do on the field and what coaches are looking for from the sideline.